Hero Introduction Hua Tuo

Your Majesty, Hua Tuo is a very famous doctor in Three Kingdoms Era. In Defense of Three Kingdoms, he is a core support-oriented hero, who can help you a lot in game. His skills are listed below.

He has 3 PVE skills and 2 PVP skills.

[PVE Skills]

1. Salvation:This skill can be cast manually in PVE, restoring the HP of all allies within a range by 410% attack and adding a 20% HP recovery effect on them for 4 seconds.

2. Healing Art: It can be triggered by chance in PVE, restoring the HP of all nearby allies by 200% attack.

3. Arhat Body: It can be triggered by chance in PVE, adding a defense buff to all nearby allies which increases their defense by 20% for 6 seconds.

[PVP Skills]

4. Life-saving:It can be triggered in PVP when rage is full, dealing 240% damage to enemy with 40% chance to cast a revive mark on 1 ally according to battle sequence and the hero will revive with 60% of his full HP after killed. This skill can be triggered 3 times at most during one fight.

5. Qing Nang Art: It can be triggered by 30% possibility in normal attacks, which deals 140% damage and restores his HP by 30% attack for 1 turn.

The above-mentioned description is the brief skill instruction of Hua Tuo. Although he is old, but you can’t ignore his ability. He will definitely help you a lot in our game.