Hero Introduction Zhang Fei

Your Majesty, Zhang Fei is one of the most powerful defense-oriented heroes in our game. I will show you his skills in the following article.

There are 3 PVE skills and 2 PVP skills of Zhang Fei.

[PVE Skills]

1. Earthshaking:It can be manually cast in PVE, dealing 300% damage to all targets within a range and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 8 seconds.

2. Violent Rage: It can be triggered by chance when he is attacked, blocking 25% of subsequent damage for 6 seconds.

3. Valiancy: It can be triggered by chance when he is attacked, gaining a shield that can block 5 subsequent attacks.

[PVP Skills]

4. Tit for Tat: It can be triggered in PVP when rage is full, dealing 240% damage on enemy and reflecting 60% of subsequent damage for 2 rounds.

5. Win or Die: Enhance the reflection effect of Tit for Tat to 100%.

From these 5 skills of Zhang Fei, we can tell he is a useful defense-oriented hero.He can reduce the movement speed of the enemies and reflect the damage to the opponent.In a word, Zhang Fei will help you a lot in our game.