Time-limited Recruitment Zhang Fei and Hua Tuo

In celebration of new version, we will hold an in-game recruitment event in which you can recruit Zhang Fei and Hua Tuo during 00:00 14th to 24:00 17th, Dec.(UTC+8). In this event, you can recruit Hua Tuo through Adv. Recruit; what’s more, you can recruit Hua Tuo and Zhang Fei through Epic Recruit. Zhang Fei,defense-oriented hero, can help you stopped the enemies in each challenge. HuaTuo is a useful and supportive hero who can heal your heroes in the stages and cast revive mark on your heroes at arena. In a word, these two golden heroes are very useful in our game.


1. Each time you get Zhang Fei, there will be one Zhang Fei Pack rewarded. For Hua Tuo,there will be Red Hero Pack rewarded.

2. If you fail to get golden hero, the odds to recruit golden hero next time will be increased until you have him.

3. We prepare 500 gold for players who recruit either Hua Tuo or Zhang Fei during this event. If you recruit both Hua Tuo and Zhang Fei, there will be a reward with 1,000 gold.

How to get reward

Take a SCREENSHOT of the screen when you recruit Hua Tuo or Zhang Fei at the first time during this event. Search TD3Kingdoms on FB and message it to admin. After your screenshot is confirmed, we will send you the reward.

4.Defense of Three Kingdoms reserves the rights of final explanation about this event.