Consumption Event-12.12

Eventtime: 00:00 12th – 24:00 17th, December (UTC+8)


In celebration of new version, we have prepared a time-limited consumption event for all players. The details are in the following.

Consume 1,000 gold: reward 200 gold and Epic Recruit Token x 5

Consume 2,000 gold: reward 400 gold and Epic Raffle Ticket x 9

Consume 5,000 gold: reward 1,000 gold and Refine Stone x 200

Consume 10,000 gold: reward 1,500 gold and Golden Hero Card x 1

Consume 20,000 gold: reward 3,000 gold and Polish Large Pack x 2

Consume 40,000 gold: reward 6,000 gold and Golden EXP Treasure Chest x 50

Consume 80,000 gold: reward 12,000 gold, Cao Cao Frag. x 150 and His Divine Weapon

Consume 120,000 gold: reward 20,000 gold and Zhao Yun Frag. x 300

Consume 180,000 gold: reward 30,000 gold and Lv Bu Pack x 6


1. Rewards need to be claimed manually at Hot Events in game during this event.

2. The more you consume, the more you can claim. If you are at higher consumption level, you can claim all the rewards before your current consumption level.

3.During this event, consumption rewards for 1,000 gold and 2,000 gold will be reset at 00:00 am (UTC+8). But the total consumption record of 5,000 gold or above will be continuously accumulated until this event is over. For example, if you consume 3,000 gold on day 1, 2,000 gold on day 2, 3,000 gold on day 3 during this event, then you can claim the reward for 1,000 and 2,000 gold consumption three times respectively on each corresponding day. Your total consumption will be 7,000 gold and you can also claim 5,000 gold consumption reward.

4.Defense of Three Kingdoms reserves the rights of final explanation about this event.