Hero Introduction-Huang Zhong

Although General Huang is old

Great contribution made on conquest of Chuan

Equipped with metal armor

Armed with diamond-decorated bow


The following is the introduction of his PVP skills. Let’s see what they are.

PVP skill 1 Precise Shot

It can be triggered in PVP fight when the rage is full, dealing 280% damage to enemy and there must be critical hit effect for this skill.


PVP skill 2 (unlocks when 7 stars) Deadly Shot

There is 30% possibility to be triggered by normal attack in PVP fight, dealing 140%damage to enemy and lowering 30% defense of enemy for 3 rounds.


There are bonds between Huang Zhong and many other golden heroes, such as Guan Yu,Zhao Yun, Zhuge Linag and Zhang Fei. What is more, he will have the exclusive equipment-Flame Suit in the future.

Do you feel like recruiting him at the pub during time-limited recruitment event in this week after the above-mentioned description?