Liu Bei Introduction

As a descendant of Han Dynasty, General Liu has gained a good fame around the chaotic world. In Defense of Three Kingdoms, Hero Liu Bei is a very powerful support. During the previous log-in event in last version update, most of the player can get him by 3-day continuous log-in. Today I will give a brief instruction of his skills and the place where he should be in your line-up.

PVE skill

Wisdom and Faith: It can be cast manually in PVE,which restores HP of allies in a range once by 400% of his attack.

PVP skill

1. Commander: It can be triggered once when rage is full, dealing 240% damage to the enemy and casting a resurrection mark on 1 ally not in battle, which enables ally to revive with 100% HP after killed.

2. Rising Storm (unlocks at 7 stars): It can be triggered by 30% possibility in normal attacks, dealing 140% damage and reducing 30% attack of enemy for 3 rounds.

Position in the line-up: You definitely need to place him in the 7th place of your line-up and the most powerful hero in the 8th place of your line-up, because his PVP skill Commander can 100% revive one hero not in battle with full HP if it is released in PVP, which means your most powerful hero can have 2 lives in one fight.

After the above-mentioned description of Liu Bei,do you have a good knowledge of him now? Hope you will make the best of him in the battle. Have a nice day!