New Version Preview: Zhao Yun Awakening

Dear players, in the coming new version, brave and powerful Zhao Yun can be awakened. Let’s view the specific contents in advance.

[Awakening requirement] Hero advanced to tier 10

[Awakening material] Sun Quan Fragment x 150, Liu Bei Fragment x 150, Huang Zhong Fragment x 150, Hua Tuo Fragment x 150 and any other goldenhero (except Lady Zhen and Zhang Fei) fragment x 150

[Awakening skill] Chang Cavalry Assault

Skill description: 30% probability to be triggered in PVP fight after being attacked, dealing 180% damage on enemy or increasing his attack by 20%for 2 rounds.
What is more, Zhao Yun’s exclusive divine weapon Phoenix Spear will be added into the new version.

[Divine weapon skill] It can be triggered in PVP fight when ally hero deals critical hit, dealing 170% damage of his attack. (Notice: For each fight, it can be triggered once and after up-gradation, the triggered times will be increased and damage will be higher.)

PS: The attributes and skill damage of Zhao Yun will be greatly enhanced after awakening and his appearance matched with the divine weapon looks super cool~ (The divine weapon will replace the original weapon in the battle.)

Above-mentioned content is the awakening information of Zhao Yun. Are you interested in it? For the specific update date, please follow up our FB post.