Cross-server Ladder Tournament

New Version Preview: Cross-server Ladder Tournament

Dear player, are you tired of arena and tournament? We will add cross-server ladder tournament into our game in the coming new version. Let’s see something new in advance.

There is a post points system in the cross-server ladder tournament. The initial post is commandant, the highest is Emperor. In the beginning of each season, the basic post of each player is commandant. You can challenge players with different posts to win points and medals through system match. Your post will be promoted if certain points are achieved. There will be a ranking for all server players.For the weekly top 3 players, they can get corresponding avatar frame,including Champion, 2nd Place and 3rd Place.

Specific descriptions are listed below.

1. Each season lasts 1 week. It begins at 12:00 am Monday and ends at 24:00 Sunday. Rewards will be calculated at 5:00 am Monday.

2. System will match your opponents according to current post. Challenge of players with higher post will get you more points and medals.

3. After successful match, players need to challenge all current players to get new opponents (There will be 3 opponents usually at a time and you need to challenge them all to get new opponents). You can also refresh the opponents manually. Each player has 10 free chances to refresh each day and you can spend gold to refresh after free chances are used up.

4. There are 8 chances to challenge each day and the challenge chance can’t be purchased. The challenge chance will be reset at 5:00 am each day.
5. After season ends, player’s post will be demoted according to their current post by system. The higher your post is, the smaller the demotion range is.

Reward description:

You can challenge other players with different posts through match and obtain points and medals if you challenge successfully and lose points if you are defeated during the challenge. You can claim medal reward at the reward page. The more medals you obtain, the more rewards you can claim. And we also add medal store where you can use medals to exchange the props into our game. With the promotion of your post, you can claim the promotion reward. The higher your post is, the more rewards you can claim. After the season ends, there will be season reward that will be sent via in-game mail to you.

Dear players, the new version is coming soon. After the preview of the cross-server ladder tournament, are you more interested in the new version?