Skill Display of Ma Chao
The sharp blade of his spirit pierces through the chaos in Three Kingdoms.
He is not only one of the Five Tiger Generals, but also the General of Agile Cavalry. He is Ma Chao the Splendid.

From 12:00 am 24th, October to 12:00 am 26th, October (UTC+8), you can use Epic Recruit Token to obtain Ma Chao the golden hero at the pub.

Let’s see what he is capable of in advance.

Skill Description:
1. PVE Skill:

Flying Dragon: It can be released manually at the stage and attack single target within a range for multiple times, dealing 970% total damage and causing DOT damage that is equal to 20% of his attack per second in the coming 4 seconds.

2. PVP Skill:
Horse Tramp: It can be triggered when rage is full at PVP, dealing 240% damage to enemy and recovering certain amount of HP for himself.
3. PVP Skill:

Vanguard: There is 30% chance to trigger which using normal attack at PVP, dealing 140% true damage.