Cao Cao Introduction

Some legends are told.

Some turn to dust or to gold;

One will be remembered for centuries.

He is Cao Cao. This weekend, recruiting him in time-limited point event will help you wipe out the enemies at each stage easily and make your way to top! He is the first golden hero who can be awakened in our game. Let’s have a brief overview of his skills and conditions of awakening.

Skill Description

1. PVE Skill:

Clash of King: it can be manually released during the challenge of each stage and attacks all targets within an area, which causes 390% damage and increases 30% extra damage for 4 seconds.

2. PVP Skill:

a. Sneak Kill T3: Triggered in PVP when rage is full, dealing damage that equals to 25% of his Max HP.

b. Domination (unlocked at 7 stars): Normal attack has 30% chance to trigger this skill in PVP, striking with all his strength to deal 200% damage to the opponent hero.

c. The Scoundrel (Awakening Skill): It can be triggered at PVP and increase HP and HP cap that is equal to 20% of his HP for himself and 3 allies that are not in battle.

Awakening conditions: the awakening of Cao Cao will be opened when he is advanced to +8 quality.

Awakening materials:

One golden hero (Sun Quan,Liu Bei, Zhang Liao and Diao Chan not included) and fragments x 150 of each following hero: Sun Quan, Liu Bei, Zhang Liao, Diao Chan